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Dr. Hull's Review of Germanium by Nutricology

Germanium by Nutricology

What is Organic Germanium (Germanium)?

Germanium sesquioxide is a safe and powerful ally to the body’s natural immune response and as such, offers numerous benefits.

Potentially, the body uses germanium as a cellular oxygenator. To assure the quality and purity of their germanium products, Nutricology carefully analyzes every lot. Testing procedures include infrared spectroscopy, colorimetric assay, acid group titration and solubility tests. Germanium by Nutricology is Hypoallergenic.

Dr. Hull's Review of Organic Germanium (Germanium):

The research on germanium is just getting started, but it is well known that germanium is a brain nutrient and an antioxidant. Germanium is depleted in most people suffering with dementia, and when it is restored, brain function restores. If you are low in germanium, replacing it helps restore good health.

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