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Dr. Hull's Review of French Green Clay by Walter Badet

French Green Clay by Walter Badet

What is Powdered French Green Clay (French Green Clay)?

Exceptional quality powdered French Green Clay for detoxing harmful chemicals in your body.

French Green Clay is edible clay found only in Southern France and India. French Green Clay has been widely used for centuries in Europe and Asia to remove toxins from the human body. French Green Clay binds to toxins within the tissues and organs, and safely excretes them through the gastrointestinal tract. French Green Clay is extracted from dried Mediterranean sea beds containing micro-algae, phytoplankton, and salt-water nutrients. French Green clay will neither harden nor clump (like a cast) as most common clays, such as bentonite. Therefore, French Green Clay neither impacts digestion, elimination, nor complicates diverticulitis. In addition, French Green Clay helps balance the body's pH levels. Clays are typically alkaline in nature. Additionally, by removing toxins, which increase the body’s acidic levels, French Green Clay helps maintain a healthy body pH.

Dr. Hull's Review of Powdered French Green Clay (French Green Clay):

I first learned about French Green Clay through my environmental science work in Eastern Europe. Soviet scientists added French Green Clay to chocolate bars and dispensed them to the masses after the meltdown at Chernobyl. The French Green Clay in the chocolate bars helped cleanse radiation from those exposed to radiation fallout. 

This French Green Clay product is straight from that source. Approved since 1996 for food use by the Conseil Superieur d'Hygiene de France, French Clay For All from Walter Badet is my choice for the best finely powdered French Green Clay. The Clay can be used both internally and externally for humans, animals, and plants. It is an integral part of my detoxification program and I highly recommend you try it to remove toxic chemical from your body.

Where to Order French Green Clay by Walter Badet

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