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Dr. Hull's Review of Acidophilus by Nature's Life

Acidophilus by Nature's Life

What is Liquid Green Apple Pro 96 (Acidophilus)?

Nature’s Life® Green Apple Pro-96® Acidophilus Probiotic is a perfect choice for those who want high quality, friendly bacteria but are intolerant of dairy-based probiotic cultures.

Nature’s Life® Green Apple Pro-96® Acidophilus Probiotic contains unique strains of bacteria that are cultured in a non-GMO soy protein isolate and has a thick, creamy texture. At the time of manufacture, this potent probiotic contains billions of organisms per serving. In addition to the actual beneficial organisms, this culture also contains the probiotic’s nutritionally valuable metabolic by-products such as naturally-occuring trace amounts of antibodies, vitamins, mineral metabolites and enzymes.

Dr. Hull's Review of Liquid Green Apple Pro 96 (Acidophilus):

I prefer liquid acidophilus probiotic cultures over capsule forms because the friendly bacteria will get into your body quicker and more efficiently. And, children typically enjoy taking the liquid flavored forms better than swallowing a "pill." 

Liquid Acidophilus Flavors

  1. Green Apple
  2. Cranberry
  3. Blueberry

Choose your flavor of choice, but I hear from many clients that the Green Apple flavor seems to work the best.

Liquid Acidophilus Has Many Health Benefits

  1. aids digestion
  2. crowds out all harmful intestinal bacteria
  3. maintains healthy intestinal pH
  4. supports a healthy immune system
  5. eases IBS inflammation
  6. helps prevents allergies
  7. defends against the overgrowth of yeast

Where to Order Acidophilus by Nature's Life

Visit Dr. Hull's Vitamin Partner to Order

Acidophilus by Nature's Life is exclusively sold by Dr. Hull's online vitamin partners. Please click the button above for pricing and shipping information.


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