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Dr. Hull's Review of Bug Out Repellent by Way Out Wax

Bug Out Repellent by Way Out Wax

What is Bug Out Repellent (Bug Out Repellent)?

Unlike conventional bug repellents which contain harmful chemicals and synthetic repellents, this 100% natural alternative provides maximum protection against outdoor invaders without having to sacrifice your health or the environment.

This highly effective soy based bug repellent is made from a blend of essential oils and is an effective in dissuading mosquitoes and black flies from troubling your outdoor pleasure. Because of this products intense concentration, a little goes a long way. Re-apply when the mosquitoes return, or every 2-4 hours. Contains: Water, Soy emulsifier, and essential oils of Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, and Tea

Dr. Hull's Review of Bug Out Repellent (Bug Out Repellent):

Chemical bug sprays are nasty, and I avoid them if I can. I certainly don't recommend using them on children. But, if outdoor bugs can't be kept under control by natural methods (like frogs or crab apples), then this soy based bug repellent is an excellant choice. Natural bug repellents are a much better choice than toxic chemical bug repellents.

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